Why Chinese medicine is a medicine in its own right

Traditional Chinese medicine is based on the vital energy called "Qi" or "Chi". It is an energy present in all manifestations of nature. This Chinese medical art fixes energy imbalances or blockages in your body. Traditional Chinese medicine is a practice that is not lacking in virtues. Discover what makes it a medicine in its own right.

What is Chinese medicine?

Generally, when we consult conventional medicine, we simply report the pain or illness and the doctor prescribes the medicine. Chinese medicine has its own logic that goes against the concepts of doctors. For it, the heart and mind are interdependent. For example, Chinese medicine says that when you are angry, the excessive heat in the liver causes the liver problem. So to improve your health, Chinese medicine looks at it as a whole. Moreover, the difference between Chinese medicine and conventional medicine is that the former observes the living and does not dissect the dead. Massages, energy exercises, dietetics, moxibustion and acupuncture make up Chinese medicine.

Why do we say that Chinese medicine is a medicine in its own right?

Chinese medicine has existed for 2,500 years and consists of a coherent medical system, born of the observation of nature and the experience of several generations of scholars and doctors. Its rigour and structure make Chinese medicine a medicine in its own right. Its diagnostic system is highly developed. It uses various tools, including fine needles, moxa sticks or moxas, suction cups and, above all, the hands. Chinese medicine heals through massage, herbal medicine and electro-acupuncture. It is a medical discipline in its own right and is constantly evolving. It seeks to know the functioning of your body by making a diagnosis specific to its worldview before optimizing for a choice of treatment tool. In all, it is a medicine that has its own particularities.

What does Chinese medicine treat?

Traditional Chinese medicine intervenes on all types of illnesses. From the simplest such as conjunctivitis to the most serious such as cancer. It should be noted, however, that even if it helps to relieve the most serious illnesses, Chinese medicine does not claim to cure them. On the contrary, Chinese medicine complements other practices by relieving pain, delaying the evolution of certain diseases, helping the organs to develop their immune defences and attenuating the side effects of other treatments. Chinese medicine accelerates the healing of certain diseases in which Western medicine intervenes. It aims to eliminate the toxic substances in chemical drugs.
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