10 plants to relieve headaches

Published on : 27 August 20212 min reading time

Whether it is a headache, migraine or pain, headache is a condition that affects many people every day. In fact, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), about 45% of adults suffer from it. There is no better way to combat this recurring condition than with natural herbal treatments.

Plants that relieve migraine

First of all, it should be noted that migraine is caused by stress, lack of sleep, strong emotions and mental fatigue. It can be chronic, retinal or hemiplegic in nature. To remedy this condition, it is advisable to use herbs against headaches:

If you are a migraine sufferer, peppermint is an effective remedy as it soothes mental congestion and combats fatigue.

For its part, Griffonia is one of the plants that counter headaches and behavioural disorders (anxiety, depression and anguish) as it is rich in 5-HTP molecules.

Rosemary is not only considered a natural anti-inflammatory, it is also an antitoxin.

Vervain leaves
Otherwise known as grandma’s remedy, applying a poultice of vervain leaves to the forehead can relieve migraines.

Treating headaches with herbal remedies

To relieve tension and Horton’s headache, nature offers a wide range of headache herbs:

Partenelle or feverfew
Thanks to its anti-inflammatory virtue, feverfew tea is the best alternative for alleviating the various types of headache.

White willow bark
Without a doubt, white willow bark is a natural aspirin that has the ability to cure headaches related to menstruation, heat, fatigue and stress.

Plants rich in caffeine (mate, tea and coffee) have long been used to relieve headaches.

Plants that are effective against headache

Headache is generally a condition that affects the face. In order to calm it, it is sufficient to massage the painful area with wild chamomile (matricaria).

Like matricaria, lavender can ease the pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects.

European Speedwell is used as a remedy for headaches because it is both anti-stress and anti-inflammatory.

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