CBD: a new hope for pain relief?

Pain is a difficult thing to treat. While in some cases anti-inflammatory or analgesic drugs are effective in treating it, some types of pain require the use of other alternatives. This is the case for CBD, an ancestral treatment, which has given satisfactory results on this symptom. Focus on cannabidiol for pain relief.

CBD: definition and properties

Cannabidiol or CBD is a chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant. Due to their high concentration of cannabinoids, marijuana and hemp are the most commonly used plants for extracting and manufacturing CBD oil and its derivatives. It has a non-psychotropic property. This is why it is preferred to THC, which has powerful highs. It does not present any addiction risk. While some countries already consider CBD as a medicine and use it to treat various diseases such as diabetes, arthritis or cancer, in France it is not yet officially used in conventional medicine. CBD oil for pain is part of a palliative treatment.

How does CBD act on pain?

Pain is associated with an alarm bell that the body sounds when it is in danger. Although in some cases it is a sign of a problem that needs to be treated, in other cases it is persistent and becomes a problem that needs to be treated, such as chronic pain. The pain sensors (nociceptors) register the information according to the disturbances suffered by the body (cold, heat, injury, irritation, inflammation, etc.) and send the message to the brain, which in turn emits an electrical impulse. CBD for pain acts on these receptors as well as on the endocannabinoid system present in the body, restricting the different combinations that make them up. In this way, it reduces pain and acts on various disorders such as insomnia.

The benefits of CBD oil on the body

CBD oil is a vegetable oil with a high concentration of cannabidiol extract. This form is used to treat certain diseases such as polyarthritis, fibromyalgia or osteoarthritis. It is especially recommended for reducing the inflammation and pain associated with these conditions. The use of CBD against pain has been the subject of numerous studies and trials, which have proven to be conclusive and have given good results. Since then, cannabidiol has been recommended for example to sportsmen and women who have suffered a lot of muscle damage or to cancer patients to alleviate the pain and other discomforts caused by chemotherapy.
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