5 soothing crystals to calm stress and anxiety

Lithotherapy enthusiasts know very well that most crystals have special qualities for calming the mind, and even for curing heartache. So, when looking for stones to combat stress and anxiety, one should make sure to have in their hands those crystals that are known to get rid of negative vibes. There are five crystals known to have these effects. Nevertheless, the list is not exhaustive. It all depends on the faith and belief of each stone.

Amethyst, Angelite, Black Tourmaline

Soothing crystals are a must to keep close to you, as they help to combat irritability and stress. They also relieve apprehension, tension and temper anger. Their respective qualities, some calming and some tranquillising, are very helpful in reducing insomnia. They can also improve the quality of concentration in meditation. So, in case of insomnia, there is nothing simpler than putting an amethyst under your pillow. Sleep is sure to come. Angelite is useful for meditation and is known to intensify the quality of concentration. Black tourmaline dispels fear and dissipates bad energy.

Rose quartz and lapis lazuli

Rose quartz is often used in lithotherapy to counter anxiety. It is known to be a crystal of peace, love and serenity. It is essential to know that the combination of the pink quarter with the black tourmaline produces a rather amazing effect. These two stones together have amazing powers to eject stress and negative vibes, replacing them with compassion and love. These crystals can repair emotional wounds and help one to get back on their feet in life. These stones eliminate anxiety, anguish and bring serenity and tranquility.

Other stones for anxiety and stress

Anxiety and stress are the daily ailments of every human being. Everyone recognises that in the long run, anxiety and stress inevitably lead to depression. Of course, it is very difficult to combat these two evils. Nevertheless, lithotherapy offers a range of crystals as natural remedies for these ailments. And even if these natural remedies do not succeed in eradicating them, at least they will be alleviated. So, in addition to tourmaline, amethyst, angelite, pink quartz and lapis lazuli, we can mention amber, moonstone, rhodochrosite and many others
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